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Whether you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, have questions about abortion, or need a referral for STD testing and treatment, we are here for you.
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With parenting comes a plethora of concerns and questions. “Am I ready?” and “Will I be the parent my child needs me to be?” “How do I prepare?”
These questions are common, in fact it’s because of questions like these that we exist: to provide quality care, advocacy, and education for every individual that walks into our center. We want to provide you and your partner with a pleasant experience from the moment you walk in. Because let’s face it…the idea of becoming a mother, or a father, whether for the first time or the fifth, is scary.

Parenting Classes

You can schedule an appointment with us to discuss your options, ask for help as you experience this new season of life, or receive all the benefits we can provide you with, including parenting classes.

We believe that every mother and father has the capacity to be a great parent. For that reason, we offer special tools and resources that will help every parent, new and experienced, to be the best mom or dad that they can be!
We offer classes through our BrightCourse program.

BrightCourse offers over 120 unique classes including: pregnancy, birth, toddlers, parenting, finances, lifeskills, nutrition, special circumstances, health, and more! Classes are texted right to your phone! Take a class anytime. Take two classes a month to earn supplies for your baby. Get what you need while learning something new!

BrightCourse ofrece más de 120 clases únicas que incluyen: embarazo, nacimiento o parto, niños pequeños, crianza de hijos, finanzas, habilidades para la vida, nutrición, circunstancias especiales, salud y más.¡Las clases se envían por mensaje de texto directamente a su teléfono! Tome una clase en cualquier momento.Tome dos clases al mes para ganar artículos para su bebé. ¡Obtenga lo que necesita mientras aprende algo nuevo!

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